Interior Design

Studio 316 Creative was tasked with designing a basement lounge with a kitchen counter for a client. The goal was to create a welcoming space that was both stylish and functional. The design team chose warm tones and contemporary furnishings to achieve a cozy yet modern look. The lounge area included a comfortable sectional couch, plush area rug, checkered tile f looring and a sleek coffee table. The kitchen counter was designed with ample storage, including cabinets and drawers, and seating for guests to gather around.

To add anelement of fun, the design team incorporated indoor gaming equipment, including a pool table and dartboard. These additions transformed the space into the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. The walls were painted in a neutral color, allowing the furnishings and gaming equipment to stand out. The lighting was also carefully selected to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Throughout the design process, Studio 316 Creative paid close attention to every detail, from the placement of the furniture to the selection of the decor. The end result was a stunning basement lounge that exceeded the client’s expectations. The space was transformed from a dark and dreary basement into a stylish and inviting area that was perfect for hosting family and friends.